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About Us

BFY Profile


  • Setting International Standards in India.
  • Following Global Practices.
  • Promote an Active & Healthy Lifestyle.


The only Organisation having more than 10 International Affiliations.
The only Organisation having presence throughout India.
The only Organisation having students spread across 131 cities across India, working in 453 gyms.
The only Organisation having more than a decade of experience in Fitness Education in India.

BFY is professionally managed by Mr. Rajeev Goenka and ably supported by his staff and faculty.
Mr. Rajeev Goenka comes from a very successful and reputed business family having interest in fitness & textiles.
Due to his foresight and new marketing techniques the companies had prospered excellently.

BFY has international affiliations and tie ups with various fitness education institutes like
• American Council on Exercise  -  USA  -  2004.
• DSW Fitness  -  USA  -  2006.
• SCW Fitness Education  -  USA - 2006.

• Using the strong International Affiliations for providing global Standards.
• Using the Wide network of over 3000 students spread out in 131 cities across over 500 health Clubs in India and neighbouring countries for effective viral marketing.
• Using the strong brand image of BFY for quality.
• Using the vastly experienced & qualified team of faculty for delivering the services
• BFY websitewww.bfysportsnfitness.com is a leading resource site in health and fitness in India with over 200000 hits per month and 16000 visitors.
• Over a decade of experience has enabled us to have a database of more than 15000 persons interested in health & fitness.

Earlier i.e 10 Years back BFY had to aggressively sell its services but now BFY brand sells for itself as the students are spread across 131 cities all over India.
BFY is a strong believer that quality is one of the important pillars in developing a competitive advantage, which will enable it to achieve market superiority and above average performances.